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The ultimate trendy diet

Weight Loss Tips:

There are are no shortages of weight loss diets that you can follow. They always sound good when you start out (no carbs but you can eat cheese and whipped cream and steak?  Or “anything you want” as long as it’s a whole food, a clean food, an ancestor food – the list goes on and on).  All of these top diets have solid thought behind the concept – it’s just hard to maintain one type of diet over time. 

What if you could form your own plan using the top tips from each trend?  Here’s what we think it would look like…


Tips from the top 7


TIP #1 (PALEO):  Don’t eat processed foods.  Look to the ancestors for a diet that could be culled from the earth, focusing on dietary fiber from not starchy sources and low carb fruits (no bread ovens or pasta machines in those caves).  Bacteria in gut good.  Aim for 25-38 grams of (low starch) dietary fiber a day.

TIP #2 (WEIGHT WATCHERS):  Body and mind need to form a healthy alliance.  It isn’t enough to count calories and know about nutrition, you also need to incorporate less stress/more sleep into your life which will help you lose weight over the long run.

TIP #3 (KETO):   Eat lots and lots of non-starchy vegetables.  Healthy and great for maintaining weight, foods like green leafy vegetables, cauliflower, asparagus, broccoli, etc. can only do a body good.  You don’t have to eliminate all carbs to enjoy the healthy benefits of these vegetables.

TIP #4 (WHOLE30):  As the name suggests – eat whole foods.  Mainly vegetables, lean proteins, natural fats, fruits, herbs, etc.  You can’t go wrong with that kind of clean eating.  Processed foods keep coming up as the worst thing for your diet and studies show you burn more calories when you eat more whole foods. 

TIP #5 (INTERMITTENT FASTING):  No snacking after dinner.  Stay away from food once you finish dinner and don’t eat again for 12 hours.  If you eat dinner at 6pm, you can eat breakfast at 6am.  Doesn’t sound so difficult.  Your body has time to digest and it contributes to a better functioning system (and subsequent weight loss).

TIP #6 (MEDITERRANEAN):  Go ahead and eat healthy fats!  All fat is not bad – you can get your Omega 3 fats by eating olive oil, fish, whole grains, nuts, seeds and lots of fruits and veggies.  This can reduce diet diseases like heart disease, diabetes, etc and help maintain weight and your immune system.  Magnifico!

TIP #7 (INTUITIVE):  Give yourself permission to eat when and what you want and you will start to eat more good/less bad things.  You won’t reward yourself with unhealthy foods and you can stop obsessing.  The idea is to be happy and stop thinking you are losing weight because you aren’t good enough.  You do it for yourself.  You exercise for yourself.  You love yourself again. 

We think that following Tips # 1 -6 allow you to embrace Tip #7.   You don’t have to fight good food.  At the same time, you can use Formula Trim to make you feel less hungry so you enjoy the food that you want when you want it.  (Learn more about Formula Trim).

That sounds like a trend we can get behind!

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